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A Frozen Heart by awisha-teh-ninja
A Frozen Heart
My first Frozen Fanart :D

I like Ana. 
and winter.

I'm trying out a new coloring style... See if it works. 
Age Of Steam: Finch by awisha-teh-ninja
Age Of Steam: Finch
My application for :iconage-of-steam:
Name: Finch
Age: 23
Gender: male
Race: Human
Height: 5ft 11in/ 180cm
Weight: 145 lbs/ 66kg

Class: Mage
Sub-class: N/a
Main Weapon: Magic gloves
Element: Wind
HP: | MP: 75/188
Base Stats:
Str: 3 | Def:3 | Mag: 8
Dex: 4 |  Luck: 5 | Int: 7

        Razor blades: (2 turn cooldown) Magic skill that summons a powerful razor like gust of wind towards the target to cut them. Moderate damage, it’s shown to deal out multiple hits in rapid succession.
        Tailwind: (one stack, lasts 4 rounds)
A light wind freely flows behind the user, raising their mobility/agility.
        Whirling Gale: (3 turn cooldown) Wind magic that encircles the target in a wind like prison, picking up debris and dust. 
Special Skill:    
         Kamikaze: (5 turn cooldown)The User gathers strong wind energy, lunging at the target a high speed. Upon contact, the energy explodes dealing damage to both the target and the user.  
Additional Info:
● (Because of the mistake of the player) Finch is a human, however he wishes that he was born as an Avion, so to compensate he made a design of mechanical wings. They don't allow him to fly by any means but just the feeling of them makes him happy :3
● underneath his long white sleeves are intricate tattoos to help manage his magic. So most of His magic power comes from his arm/hands. There may be more though. They aren't too pretty, so he chooses not to show them.
●Finch works to help design airships. He is no means considered a "big fish" but he enjoys his role and dreams of the skies

Name: Wish
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Race: White
Height: (5ft 5in | 165cm)
Weight: (130lb | 59kg)

        ● Peaceful and silent atmosphere. Usually listens to music to help
        ● Sports and outside activities
        ● Birds
        ● Video games and other sort of things (not very good at MMORPG however)
        ● Friends, will practically do anything for them 
        ● Ice cream
        ● The behavior of people
        ● Loud and unneeded annoying noises (people chewing their food/popping joints/ tapping the table)
        ● Dogs
        ● People Fighting
        ● People who yell at her
        ● Being Alone
        ● Long Waits
                       In Real life: Wish is a very quite person. With anxiety to speak her mind only because she fears that what she says might offend the other person or not important enough. Even with this, she is still quite social and will most likely try to hang out with the people she knows, even if it's just being around them. She procrastinates, so is only reliable with a few things. Quite gullible and will Trust practically everything someone tells her. She is usually polite, and fun but when she is confronted with a jerk, or bully she tends to toughen up and not stand for their actions and stops them.
                            In game: She has no idea what she is doing. But instead of asking other people, she tries to figure it out by herself.Sometimes kind souls decide to help her on the right path.  Since she is in the game, she isn't too afraid to state her opinions and her   ideas. She isn't too serious about leveling up or getting "all the items" but instead just wants to have fun. So making her mad is quite the accomplishment.  She loves her character. 
History: Wish loves video games, but never really dove into the Mmorpgs. She found out about this game just browsing the internet, and a sudden urge to start it up. She is by no means good at it, and will probably fail. But having fun is all she cares about. She comes from a big family who all have their own quirks. She is studying the behavior of Humans and why they act the way they do. Being in a huge mmorpg only spikes her curiosity in the whole matter. She has only been in a serious relationship once, but it ended quickly. So she isn't in a huge race to be in another one. Right now she is at a very cold University so she tends to stay inside a little more than she is used to. So you can see Wish online a few times a day. 

Additional Info:
● When starting the game up she accidently clicked the human race instead of Avioin race (because bird lover reasons) for her character. She sometimes makes silly mistakes like that. 
● When she isn't playing video games in her home, she plays her violin. 
● Has a problem with remembering certain things
(waaah, hopefully this is ok! I can't edit text very well...)
Back shot of Finch: Finch
My Dream by awisha-teh-ninja
My Dream
I've always wanted to draw a Tangled picture! 
This was for my friend for Christmas. 
Because that's what artists do for presents... draw
Raynen portrait by awisha-teh-ninja
Raynen portrait
you know... the more I look at this the more I think of Fire Emblem... SHOOT! 

my OC Raynen :U 
(practicing face shots)
I'm Back!!

After 18 months in Sendai Japan I returned last Saturday! It was such a wonderful experience and I learned and grew a lot. I met so many wonderful people and they have become my family.  ^-^ I will see them again,

but for now I get to meet all of you again! its been so long! have you forgotten me? Maybe haha! 
cant wait to catch up on everyone's art and see how everyone has progressed. If you wanna keep in touch I am here at Deviantart and on skype if you have my address. 

;D Thank you! I love you!
  • Listening to: Lots of music
  • Reading: The Book of Mormon


Is a Fish
United States
Hey everyone~
Just a normal artist who enjoys drawing what she loves. You'll mostly see some Fan art from Final Fantasy or Tales of. I usually draw OC related business, but it's never set in stone.

Because of my biased tastes, I'm in love with instrumental music.I love playing the Violin and will try to learn any song I love that I hear.

My art isn't too good, but if you browse you might see something you like.

I love doing Art trade, Collabs, and sometimes requests. (request privileges may vary.)

If you want to see some of my doodles or WIP, you can follow my tumblr Here. (I do reblog FF, and Tales a lot however)

Thank you again for dropping by~ and I hope you have a wonderful day

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